Ultra Slim Indoor Led Display

Ultra Slim Indoor Led Display

The QWARTZ ULTRA SLIM is one of our most thinner (28 mm) and lightest (3.5 kg / box). It is best suited for indoor installations and fixed. This product is ideal for recovery rooms. surveillance, conference rooms, control centers traffic, but could also be suitable for other types of applications such as hotels, shopping malls, churches, etc.


Since the rigidity and alignment accuracy of QWARTZ ULTRA SLIM is very high, it can be mounted directly on a wall and the installation of your LED screen can be done from the front as well as maintenance. He can easily It can easily be installed by a technician thanks to its small size and very light weight.

The QWARTZ ULTRA SLIM is part of our range of fine pitch pixel boxes. From P1.5, the quality and details of your videos and images are outstanding! He is very easy to achieve 16: 9 ratio without customization special.

N + 1 connection, flexible and profitable. If a single module fails or needs to be taken offline for service, the UPS system will always be able to provide adequate nutrition because it has already been confi-gured with an additional module. N + 1 redundancy is a form of resilience that ensures system availability in the event of component failure.

With the QWARTZ ULTRA SLIM P1.5 only, the 4 on 1 technology is an option. 4 LEDs are encapsulated sulées which makes it a very solid and robust box for its slim height. It is also a way to repair easily ducts and prevent ducts to be torn off if the box is scratched a surface during installation.

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